I am constantly being asked about how I get such great deals for travel. Traveling every 6 weeks of my life for over 22 years BEFORE I got into the TRAVEL business, I can assure you that I have tried my share of trial & error, tricks, and off-season purchasing. There are countless ways to get great deals for travel, but with each, you must have a strategy, as everywhere you turn, the travel industry is trying to get your hard earned cash.

I personally enjoy the hunt for great deals online, then also adding in coupon codes or extra websites, such as EvRewards or Groupons to add even more savings to the deal. All of this makes me super excited about booking my next vacation!

Groupon coupon logo, Groupon Travel Deals

Groupon Travel Deals

Groupon has offers for Travelocity, which is my go-to online travel booking site. And in case you didn’t know Groupon offers coupons that help you find some of the best savings out there on the internet! Their coupons are free to use, and all you have to do is sign up to receive some of their amazing email deals.Groupon Travel Deals, Travelocity logo

As you may or may not know, I have been a Travelocity Gnational Gnomad since the inception of their Travel Ambassador program and always use Travelocity when I can for the best deals around.  Now Groupon has offers for Travelocity, which makes it even better!

On Travelocity, you can book everything from your flights to hotels, to tours, tickets, and transportation. You name it, you can book almost anything on the Travelocity website for your travels.  And just in case you don’t know where to go, check out my monthly column on the Inspire Hub Page on Travelocity’s website.  My goal is to inspire you to get off that couch and go out and see the world!

Disclosure:  The writer believes in full disclosure and wanted to let you know that this article was sponsored by Groupon.