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Surviving a Teacher's Salary

Crystal Rapinchuk
A site for parents with kids at home & teachers looking to promote educational values, save money, and find new resources & activities!


Megan Galko
I find family friendly events and products, throw in a giveaway or two and connect moms and dads in NEPA.

Mama's Musings

Chloe Pearson
I blog about life with a toddler, post product reviews, and giveaways.

The Breezy Mama

Mama to a princess & and a prince, breezing through mamahood 2 kids at a time!

Just Trying To Save Money

Brianne Miller
I love finding deals, crafts, gardening and savings tips to share with my readers! Stop by to see what we are saving today!

Marine Corps Nomads

Heather Lammers
From reviews to gluten free recipes to homeschooling, you’ll find a little bit of everything as you glimpse into the daily life of a Christian, mili…

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National Reviews
Movies & Performances
LEGO KidsFest Leggo of my Lego     by Denise Hodgson - Jul 16th, 2014
Before we go any further I must disclose the legal stuff so I don’t get in trouble nor do the awesome folks at Lego KidsFest.  I received this product in exchange for a review on my blog.The opinions expressed above are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.… read full review here

LEGO KidsFest Lego Kids Fest Atlanta     by Turkesha Mcivy - Jul 12th, 2014
The kids and I were excited to take part in the Lego Kids Fest here in Atlanta. Since this was our first time we had no idea what to expect other than the opportunity to see some of the most amazing Lego creations ever. Upon our arrival as we started our tour of the Lego Kids Fest which was held at the Cobb Galleria led us into a convention room full of some of our favorite Leg… read full review here

LEGO KidsFest LEGO KidsFest: The Biggest Block Party..…     by Nikka Shae - Jul 8th, 2014
  Close your eyes and imagine a world where childlike imagination takes shape. A world filled with magic, laughter, and excitement– where dreams come to life in vivid color. But, this is no fantasy land in some fairytale. You have just entered into the wonderful world of LEGO®. Each year 100’s of thousands of LEGO Maniacs flock to select cities around the country to experi… read full review here

Business Reviews
Looks like a great options!     by Nikki Muroski - Jul 12th, 2014
I never had a chance to try eMeals, but the options available and the prices are definitely worth it! I struggle with meals for my little kids, my 3 year old is autistic, so having a resource such as eMeals is great! … read full review here

Tasty Tuesdays- Delicious Meals are Just…     by Vanessa Wigglesworth - Jun 23rd, 2014
  Hey everyone, Vanessa here. If you've been following the blog for a while, chances are you know how much I love cooking. Most nights, it is a family event with at least 3/4 of us in the kitchen. I love the prep work, I love the fragrance of delicious foods wafting through our house, I love that my girls reap the benefits of being in the kitchen with me, and I love serving up delicious … read full review here

Healthy Lifestyle     by Alba Garza - Jun 19th, 2014
My family and I are on a healthy lifestyle mission.  Now trying to cook our own food does not have to be hard with emeals.  The dinner menu is emailed to us with recipes.  The recipes are easy to follow.  We really enjoyed trying new meals.… read full review here

Family Vacations
Hurricane Golf Tour GOLF: The Hurricane Tour, The Collegiate…     by Rebecca Hosea - May 31st, 2014
The Hurricane Tour is comprised of four components: the Junior Tour, the Collegiate Tour, the Amateur Tour, and the Tour Shop (online). Based out of Jacksonville, FL, the Hurricane Tour administers over 150 events all across the country. With three different tours, golfers of any age and skill level are provided an opportunity to play the game.The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (#HJGT) was founded in … read full review here

LEGO KidsFest LEGO KidsFest Suburban Collection Showpl…     by Randi Poole - May 22nd, 2014
Lego Fest was complete chaos!  There were so many people there it was actually quite intimidating. There were at least a dozen if not two dozen stations filled with different activities and themed projects.  There were challenges and contest running as well as places to sit and watch clips of the LEGO movie/shows.  There were tons of different stations to play and build Lego creat… read full review here

Hurricane Golf Tour Great site     by Cassandra McCann - May 19th, 2014
The website store that I shopped at was easy to navigate and the product shipped quickly. The products are a litte higher priced, but mine came in really good condition.  I had a 50.00 gift card to try out the store. I was able to get two items and only pay for shipping and taxes, so 8.00 for two great items is not a bad deal. … read full review here

Product Reviews
Coobie Seamless Bras Outstanding Bra!!!!     by Valerie Negron - Jul 23rd, 2014
Finding the right bra is an extremely hard thing to do. Most women will agree to this comment. I'm a small B cup and its difficult to shop for bras because each bra company is different and made differently. One bra company will fit well while the other that is the same size doesn't. I'm also not one to try bras on. You never know how many people's ta-ta's have been in the bra. I don't wear my bra… read full review here

Coobie Seamless Bras Coobie Seamless Bra     by Nancy Reyes - Jul 22nd, 2014
When I got my bras I was excited. They looked so confortable and believe me when I tell you they are.  Coobie Seamless Bras are ultra comfortable and versatile without sacrificing style. These affordable, stylish bras are seamless, one-size (comfortably fits 32A through 36D), available in 7+ styles and 50+ fashion colors and patterns. There is also a full size version fitting up to a size 42… read full review here

Coobie Seamless Bras Coobie Seamless Bras     by Heather Vogler - Jul 21st, 2014
I have an issue with bra straps. I don't know about you, but I feel like they are constantly falling down my shoulder. I'm always trying to fix them. Sometimes I'll see photos of myself and say, "Hey! Why didn't someone tell me my crazy strap was showing, geesh!" So, recently, I finally found a bra that doesn't pose this problem! Coobie Seemless Bras stay snug and fit no matter how activ… read full review here

Other Reviews
Ellore Femme Love a Little Color in Your Hair     by Jen Goode - Jul 18th, 2014
We never used hair chalk before trying Ellore Femme Hair Chalk - we LOVE it! It's super easy to add vivid color to your hair that last all day (assuming you don't wash your hair or go swim). My daughter especially loves coordinating her hair with her dresses. Our favorite look is choosing a small section of hair, dividing it into 3 smaller sections, and coloring with 3 different colors. … read full review here

Marlo Thomas It Ain't Over Till It's Over     by Debbie Lamb - Jul 18th, 2014
Hi….I wanted to make sure to tell you upfront that the products mentioned in this post have been received for free for evaluation purposes or I receive compensation for. With that being said rest assure that I only give honest opinions. The opinions are my own and always will be. Thanks for visiting.     I was at a time in my life when I start to it over. &nbs… read full review here

Jump Start Sports Children Got A Jump Start On Fitness Dur…     Jul 18th, 2014
By Brigid Beatty Friday, July 18, 2014, 12:46 a.m.   Children got a jump start on fitness during this week's sports camp at the Belmont Complex in East Franklin. “We want kids to be active,” said Jen Yuvan of Jump Start Sports, the company that brought the weeklong camp to Armstrong County. “This will help enhance their well-being in every regard — emot… read full review here